The Actual Facts Behind Nina Dobrev And Ian Somerhalder’s Connection

Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder’s relationship spanned three years, per Who’s Dated Just who. The previous partners fell crazy while operating collectively within the Vampire Diaries shed. Lovers associated with the tv show couldn’t assist but love both of these, exactly who turned their unique relationship into perhaps one of the most spoken of romances actually. In 2012, hearsay that Nina and Ian happened to be interested distributed, but Nina confirmed the gossip merely weren’t real. The then-23-year-old talked with the means to access eliminate any gossip. “I would read some crazy facts that I’d already been recommended to, but I would become sporting a ring easily had one. Not true whatsoever. What i’m saying is, that isn’t my personal [style]. I’m youthful. I’m really young,” Nina said. She furthermore described that she got totally focused on their profession. “i am a lifetime career girl and a young, really driven lady and I’ve have lots i need to achieve before I settle down and have kids and perform some of that,” she described.

Nina and Ian proceeded online dating, employed along, and travel the world over the following year or two. Their own connection is very electric they grabbed home the individuals’s alternatives prize for “best On-Screen Chemistry” back 2014. You should check on her combined approval address on YouTube. And even though almost everyone planned to discover Nina and Ian get married, the 2 wound up going their unique different methods after the 6th season of TVD. So what really took place?

Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder stayed friends after stopping their particular connection

While the actual reason that Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder split isn’t really formally identified, there’s been some conjecture that her ten-year years difference might have starred a task. “the connection variety of brewed regarding a friendship and the fact that they had to find yourself in a romance for your tv show,” an insider informed United States Weekly back 2013. “i believe she chose she planned to understanding other items,” the foundation put. All over time that her partnership ended, Ian got to Twitter to share with you a cryptic estimate. “A thought for these days: ‘individuals change and tend to forget to share with each other,'” he penned, in accordance with United States Weekly. The Tweet has actually because started deleted.

Nonetheless, Nina and Ian’s connection continuing in a platonic method. “They’re going to keep working along and continue to be best friends, which can be where the relationship began,” the unnamed origin furthermore told Us regularly during the time. That friendship possess carried on through the years, plus its thought that both are still contact, despite both finding adore along with other group.

Nina Dobrev is good company with Ian Somerhalder s spouse (and she doesn t believe it s weird)

Both Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder bring shifted within their private everyday lives. Ian partnered Twilight superstar Nikki Reed in 2015, per Brides. And, yes, Nina was actually welcomed to Ian and Nikki’s wedding, though she did not attend. “She got welcomed. She actually considered heading, but in the finish Nina made the decision it can you need to be too uncomfortable,” a source formerly advised Hollywood lives. No matter, there still isn’t any terrible bloodstream between Nina and Ian. Indeed, Nina is quite close friends with Nikki. You might believe that’s slightly strange, Nina will have to differ. “I don’t believe that’s odd at all. I think that’s fantastic,” Nina informed Andy Cohen on an episode of be wary of what Happens Live in 2019. This lady has even fulfilled Ian and Nikki’s girl, Bodhi. “the reason why are unable to everyone become family? I believe they usually have a lovely child, and are happier and so am I. what exactly is worst about this? I really don’t read any difficulty with that,” Nina extra.

These days, it appears as though Nina has additionally discovered a love of her own. She’s been matchmaking Olympic snowboarder Shaun light for just a little below annually, in accordance with Who’s Dated whom. They generated their partnership Instagram certified in-may of 2020, during quarantine. Although Nina and Shaun have not strung aside with Ian and Nikki publicly, we’re positive the foursome would get along swimmingly.

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